About Pcounter

The first version of Pcounter made available to the world was uploaded to the Novell Forum on Compuserve in 1992.  Much work has been done since then!  Pcounter is currently running at thousands of sites, serving the printer control needs of millions of users.

Contact information
Mail: A.N.D. Technologies, Inc.
4104 24th St. #627
San Francisco, CA 94114
Phone: Toll-free in Continental US and Canada
(855) 726-8683 (855-PCOUNTER)
(415) 701-9222
Fax: (415) 651-9000
Email Sales: sales@pcounter.com
ventas@pcounter.com (en Español)
Email Support: support@pcounter.com
soporte@pcounter.com (en Español)
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