Pcounter 2.80a released

What's new in Pcounter 2.80a
Mac OS X client - Now works with 10.7 - 10.10. 10.6 users will have to use the older client.
Added option in Global Settings to exclude selected trusted domains from users lookups.
Added LDAP sync tool.
Fixed problem where certain Konica Minolta PCL6 color jobs could not be converted to gray.
Pcontrol - Fixed possible crashing when exporting files to another server.
Pcontrol - Fixed problem opening PDF documents for help.
Pcontrol - Fixed confusion with SNMP transport configuration.
Pcontrol - Fixed problem where occasionally it would crash when exiting the program.
PAdmin - If running on the server, will now use the system defined LDAP access credentials instead of asking the user.
PPopup/PcounterClient - Fixed problem if detected server had the port number included, is now removed.
Data server - Fixed problem processing escaped arguments on API command line.
Data server - Fixed problem where jobs might not be logged if Pcounter.log is locked by an external application.