Pcounter New Releases

What's new in Pcounter 2.90/3.01

(3.01) Data is stored in SQL databases. (ie. Microsoft, MySQL, Oracle)
PPopup, WebClient (if installed outside of the program directory), Pcounter Station and Pcounter Embedded will need to be updated to the latest vertion to work with 2.90/3.01.
PWA - added option to limit user views to specific OUs.
PWA - fixed receipt on set balance operations in cashier mode.
Added counting support for jobs spooled in XPS format.
Epson ESC/PR counting fix.
Pcounter Clients - passwords of 32 or greater characters now accepted.
Data server version fixed on display.
Improved Postscript gray and duplex conversion.
New support for Canon plotter drivers.
Data server API now allows subnets.
Brother counting fix.
Fixed problem adding ID 2 in Pcounter Web Administrator.
Wbalance - added white icons for use with darker backgrounds.
Xerox Postscript counting fix.
Canon Postscript counting fix.