EveryonePrintEveryonePrint is a complete solution for handling print jobs from computers, laptops, and mobile devices of all shapes and sizes.  It includes web-based installation and customization of web portal text and logo.

Easy ways for users to print

  • iOS AirPrint - iPad and iPhone users can print to selected printers natively with built in authentication.
  • Google Cloud Print - Chromebook and Google Docs users can print to selected printers. Authentication comes via association of network user names to their Google/GMail account names.
  • Upload via web - Users logon to a web portal using their network login name, and upload documents to print using their browser. No drivers or software to install, just upload documents in popular formats such as Microsoft Office, OpenOffice or PDF.
  • Print via a universal driver - Users print via already-accessible drivers installed on their computers.  With one simple setup, users can authenticate to the Pcounter server and print directly from within the programs they use on their own computers, whether Windows, Mac or Linux.
  • Email print - Users send documents to print as attachments via email, from anywhere, including from mobile devices such as iPhones, netbooks, iPads.  Supports full user authentication with login validation via simple email registration web interface.


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