Pcounter for OSA

Pcounter for OSA is a Pcounter software add-on product that interacts with Sharp multifunction printers.


  • Pcounter for OSA handles network authentication to the MFP.   The login sequence can include network names and/or passwords, IDs and/or PIN numbers, and client billing codes.  Card-based authentication is possible on Sharp machines that have USB input capability.
  • Pcounter for OSA retrieves all job records and adds them to the standard Pcounter logging and reporting.
  • Print, copy, fax, and scan records are all included.  Color/mono and duplex reporting is supported.
  • Track copies by client billing codes, and/or charge user account balances for each copy made.
  • All user interaction takes place on the multifuntion printer touch screen, without the need for additional hardware.
  • Secure print job release and pull printing are fully supported.
  • Scan server that routes scanned documents to users' email addresses and home directories (using directory lookups) without the need for internal address books.


  • Windows 2003 or later machine to run the control services.
  • Sharp machines require an AMX3 key (External Accounting Module) installed for walkup/copy tracking and an AMX2 key (Standard Application) for print job release and/or client code picker applications at the MFP.


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