Pull Printing

Pcounter multifunction products (and Pcounter Station) are able to release jobs after the user logs on to the device.  Pcounter has sophisticated print job handling features that make it easy for administrators to implement simple or complicated scenarios for secure and flexible print job release.


Users typically require a network name or ID, and/or a card swipe or PIN number for access.

Typical pull printing

One or more printers are designated as "pull queues".  Users submit jobs to the pull queues.  Each physical printer has a "dedicated queue".  Users release jobs from the device display and jobs are moved from the pull queues to the dedicated queue.

Pull printing clusters

As in the pull printing scenario above, each dedicated queue for one printer may be designated as a pull queue for another.  This allows users to print to a specific print queue as usual, but release jobs from any printer in the pull cluster.  The pull cluster is useful if one printer is down, or to avoid desktop printing reconfiguration.

Simple secure print release

If print job routing options are not required, it is still possible to have users print to specific print queues that are associated with specific printers.

Go green!

Requiring the user's presence at the printer in order to collect print jobs is a built-in method of reducing print waste, even without imposing accounting limits.  (Although Pcounter is able to do that as well.)